Why do I need to purchase a ticket to visit Sefr Gallery?

Artists need an income just like anyone else. Visual arts galleries normally make money out of selling artworks. In this business model the artist or the gallery try to sell the artworks with the highest possible price because there’s usually one or very limited copies of each artwork. This means that if 20 artworks are exhibited in a gallery, the profit made from selling these 20 pieces has to compensate months of artist’s and the gallery’s workload. This sensible business model has been traditionally used in Visual arts business for many years and has its pros and cons. One of the benefits of this model is that due to the high prices of artworks, visiting galleries that exhibit them can be free to the public.
There are three main flaws to this model. First, selling artworks for high prices is not an easy task and needs marketing experience as well as connections in the art scene. Considering Iran’s unstable economy at the time, this flaw has become a major fault. This results in artists trying to produce sellable art instead of creating what they want.
Second, the buyer of an artwork becomes the owner of it. This means that the public won’t be able to have access to it unless the owner allows it.
Third flaw comes into play for UNSELLABLE art. Some mediums of art can’t be traded or purchasing them doesn’t make sense like conceptual art, performing art, digital art etc. There are some solutions introduced for this problem, like selling instructions to a performance and whoever owns these instructions can perform them, photographs and sketches of conceptual art can be sold and digital art can be printed and sold. Having mentioned all of these, the actual art work simply cannot be sold.
With attention to these three major flaws, we have tried to solve them at Sefr Gallery. Selling tickets has the following pros :
1. If enough people visit the gallery, instead of selling artworks with a high price we can make money out of selling very cheap tickets. This means that the heavy weight that the artist and buyer carry can be divided among all of the audience.
2. The ownership of artworks remains with the artists and there aren’t many artists who want to deprive the public from enjoying their art.
3. Unsellable art (digital art in this case) no longer has an issue because there’s no sale.
The three mentioned flaws become new issues with selling tickets. First, the challenge with selling an expensive artwork becomes the challenge of attracting an audience. Second, people who can’t pay the very small ticket fee will be deprived from visiting the gallery. Finally, the audience will be unsure of whether the ticket fee will be worth their experience.
Sefr Gallery introduces three solutions for these issues:
1. Considering that the gallery is online, there’s a high chance of visitor attraction.
2. If someone really can’t pay for the ticket, visiting the gallery can still be arranged.
3. Visitors can see sample artworks before purchasing the ticket.

Where can I see some samples of the exhibited artworks?

You can see some sample artworks in the GALLARY INTODUCTION page on the website.

How can I visit the gallery if I don’t have the money to purchase a ticket?

If you really can’t pay for the ticket, you simply have to request a free ticket through this link. A ticket will be provided and sent to you in a very short time. In return, you can introduce Sefr Gallery to your friends or pray for us.