Dematerialized tomato farm

I hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting Sefr Gallery. As you may have noticed, the gallery consists of over 50 frames which have each been designed and portrayed individually. This means that a lot of time has been put in idea development and design. The connections between the frames in terms of user experience is vital which takes constant trial and error.

The current exhibition is designed by Ameen Moazemmi but every time they a new artist puts up a show in Sefr Gallery all of these 50 frames, or more, need to be designed by the artist considering his ideas and the artworks. Designing and making 50 frames takes a lot of time and energy from the artist but gives him the freedom to use his creativity without physical limits of space. In return for this time and energy, Sefr Gallery pays the guest artist. This means that each exhibiting needs to raise a certain amount of money before the show. This money goes straight to the artist and is separated from ticket sales which is the profit made from artworks exhibited in the gallery and is later divided between the artist and the gallery.
Sefr Gallery hopes to make this dream happen and to do so has started a dematerialized tomato farm in it’s back yard. These tomatoes are planted and harvested by the gallery organizers and artists to feed your soul. You will feel very pleased from your purchase after buying them because with a very small price, you have helped a dream of Sefr Gallery’s future exhibitions to become reality.

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After your purchase you will receive a catalogue in which you can learn how to make dematerialized tomato omelet, dematerialized tomato paste and dematerialized tomato soup.
Share any of your questions regarding dematerialized tomato with us through our contact. You can help Sefr Gallery’s future exhibitions by clicking on the image below.

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