Capriccio – Sefr Gallery in Felestin St., Digital Painting

I always wanted to have a gallery that I have designed myself and run it the way I see fit. In March 2018 I managed to make a gallery with the tools I had.

Sefr is a digital gallery. One of digital art’s challenges, specially in painting and sculpting mediums, is presentation. The usual solution to this challenge is “printing” the artwork to be presented in the material world or sharing it on social media or putting it up in slides on portfolios.
With the growth of virtual reality and augmented reality, digital art now has a space to be presented ideally. Sefr Gallery is an experimental platform and its goal is making a space to fully use digital art’s potentials.

Just like digital art works, digital galleries don’t have physical bodies. If a digital art works can travel millions of miles in a few seconds, digital galleries can do the same. Because of it’s non-material existence, digital gallery can be accessed from any location and time.

Sefr gallery is a Tehrani gallery and a present gallery in Tehran’s art scene. Therefore its digital building is located in the heart of Tehran : Enqelab st and Felestin st intersection. This idea comes from Capriccio, a genre in landscape painting. Capriccio is an architectural dream in which buildings and other architectural elements are placed together to create fantastical spaces.

Sefr Gallery has a flexible framework. This means that all of it’s formal features can be transformed for each exhibition based on the artist’s creation. The artist can shape and create gallery spaces and the events happening in it. This is only possible because of Sefr Gallery’s non material existence that allows the maximum use of a virtual space.

Ser Galley doesn’t need to sell it’s artworks. We believe that sales effect the creation process. Instead the gallery visitors can purchase a ticket to visit. Free exhibitions and expensive artworks are features of material galleries. At Sefr Gallery, you can enjoy art for cheap and own it for free because dematerialized art doesn’t allow individual ownership. Read THIS for more information on why you need to purchase a ticket to visit Sefr Gallery.

One of the greatest features of the online world is the possibility of limitless interaction. At Sefr Gallery you can contact the artist without a middleman. Give them your comments and experience chatting with them without the face to face interaction’s challenges.

In order to expand it’s activities, Sefr Gallery has decided to produce tomatoes and by doing so wants to have an effective presence in the community. Tomatoes are sold at the same rates as the market and the profits made from their sales will be used to fund the gallery’s future exhibitions.

Sefr Gallery is a newborn baby. I have big dreams for it that I hope will one day turn into reality. Thank you in advance for helping it grow by visiting it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or criticism towards this project.

Our Team

Ameen MoAzami
Sahba Sadeghian